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Environmental commitment

The audience also plays an important part in reducing the environmental impact of the festival and can make Primavera Sound greener. Together we can reduce the impact on the environment and experience a more sustainable festival with these good practices that can be followed easily.

1. Come on foot, by bicycle or use public transport. It is easy and effective.

2. Reuse your glass when drinking the same drink.

3. Don’t waste water, it is a scarce resource and must be saved by us all. Use the drinking fountains when you want to drink water thus avoiding excessive use of plastic bottles.

4. Try to order and consume low packaged products.

5. Don’t forget to put your rubbish into the different bins that you will find around the site. They are clearly indicated in the hand programme so that they will be easier to find.

6. Take care of the trees and plants. They are our allies against the climate change.

7. Use the toilets in order not to contaminate the site.

8. The beach area of the Primavera Bits is a privileged area, be particularly careful with all rubbish in order to preserve this natural space.

9. Use the pocket ashtrays that will be handed out in the Primavera Bits area to keep the site free from cigarette butts. The environment will thank you.

10. Avoid using paper. Check the programme and updates in real time through the festival’s official app and use Passbook to keep your ticket.