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Primavera Bits


It is said that some people don’t leave Primavera Bits during the whole Primavera Sound… and it is said because it is true. In the fourth year of its existence, the festival’s commitment to dance sounds in Sant Adrià de Besòs continues to expand in every which way: in size as it gains a new stage, EL PUNTO by adidas Originals, for which Yung Beef has chosen 17 artists who will defend the reason behind the boom of urban music; and in breadth because the programme of Primavera Bits continues to break down stylistic frontiers and will welcome, not only sessions and live concerts by electronic producers of all kinds but also trap shows, old school reggaeton, colourful pop, modern pop and even j-pop

Each stage comes with a surprise this year: the main stage will now go by the name of Lotus and will be right by the beach with views of the sea; the club stage will also move and become the Desperados Cube, the name itself gives clues as to what it will be; the Xiringuito Aperol will this year be commanded by electronic music collectives who will welcome festivalgoers at the start of each day; and EL PUNTO by adidas Originals that will be a stage with a dance floor which is a street football pitch or vice versa... whatever, who cares? 

What is it? The Primavera Bits’ stage on which everything fits.
Where is it? It is moving on to the beach. Spacious, sunny, eclectic and with views of the sea.
What can I see there? Artists that will make you dance to different genres and proposals: from reggaeton to experimental electronic music, from hedonistic house to j-pop, from trap to ultravitaminated pop, this stage knows no bounds. 
When? The usual time (that is 6pm to 5am).
What is it? A cube. Yes, you read right: a cube. With the audience dancing around it.
Where is it? Crossing the bridge towards Primavera Bits, on the left-hand side. Where the main stage used to be. You can’t miss it.
What can I see there? Non-stop sessions by all the DJs and producers that you wanted to see this year, with an all-day showcase by the label Hivern Discs on Saturday. House, techno, disco, funk, electro… Let’s dance.
When? From the early hours of afternoon sun until dawn. This is where we welcome the new day dancing
What is it? A real beach bar on the sand where you can spend the early hours of the festival: with its sun loungers, its spritz, and its chill and, like last year, its paellas by the Kauai restaurant.
Where is it? On the beach, so that you can dance with your feet in the water. Don’t worry: we will supply the towels.
What can I see there? Showcases by well-known electronic music collectives that will be in charge of getting the festival off the ground on the right foot for you and your friends. 
When? From 2pm until the other stages of the festival start their programme.
EL PUNTO by adidas Originals
What is it? The new member of the family: a stage curated by Yung Beef that brings together the past, present and future of urban sounds. Its dance floor is a football pitch, sky’s the limit!
Where is it? Behind the Lotus stage, in what is known as La Plaza.
What can I see there? Promising newcomers on the trap scene, godfathers of reggaeton, elusive crews and icons that you thought you would never see live.
When? It is a 100% nocturnal stage: don’t even try to find anyone here in the daylight.

The Primavera Bits programme is included in Primavera Sound 2019.