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Minimúsica aims to integrate children into the festival’s musical offer and to contribute to the musical education of children by exposing them to live modern music, arguing that childhood is not linked to a concrete type of music nor to “children’s music”, but that it is a stage in life when aural stimulation is essential.

Several artists are involved in this interactive experience presenting new songs or adapting their songs for a family audience. The performance encourages dialogue and the participation of the children and invites them to give their opinions as listeners.  In its fourth edition Minimúsica will host performances by Fred i Son, Le Pianc, Manos de Topo, El Petit de Cal Eril, Mamut and Kimya Dawson on Saturday the 29th of May from 6pm. The decor of this area will be done by the magazine Naif.

As well as watching concerts and learning about different instruments, the children will participate in various theme-based activities. Last year the theme was “the Universe” and this year it will be “Food” with workshops on decorating biscuits, plasticine dishes and food collages.

Minimúsica also offers a free children’s play area open for the three days of the festival and the loan of baby carrier free of charge so that the adults can move more comfortably around the festival with small children. This area is open from 4pm until 11 pm.

On a different note we inform you of changes in the timetable of concerts. The Smith Westerns will play on Thursday the 27th and the concert of The Slits will be on Saturday 29th.  Both concerts will take place on the Fòrum site.