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Les Corts, La Marina de Port, El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou and El Turó de la Peira will host the second edition of Primavera als Barris, which, in collaboration with the Fnac, will put on a total of twelve free concerts in different community centres around the city.

The initiative, that will start this Thursday 5th May and continue for the next four weeks, will have the collaboration of several youth and community centres of Barcelona and is under the umbrella of Primavera a la Ciutat, that aims to expand the spirit of the festival throughout the Catalan capital and to attract all types of audience.

The cycle is especially designed to boost the participation of the inhabitants of the various neighbourhoods and to give visibility to the talent from these areas that are not usually featured on the live music circuit. In this way, the programme bring together new bands with more established artists that share the stylistic criteria of Primavera Sound.

The headliner of this edition is the experimental electronic music duo The Suicide Of Western Culture, which is enjoying great success at the moment thanks to “Long Live Death! Down With Intelligence!” an album that is on the best of 2015 lists in the main specialised media. They will be accompanied by the Mallorca band Lost Fills, the revitalisers of traditional Spanish folk Los Hermanos Cubero and Tremenda Trementina, from Pamplona who have recently presented their third album.

Together with these artists there will be a selection of bands that rehearse and participate in different community installations: from the post-rock by Maamut, Ominira’s fusion of African rhythms and western melodies, experimental dub from STA to Cheetah Brava, a melting pot of tropical rhythms and electro pop via the garage pop of Aloha Bennets and Barbantes and indie rock from Errático and Kids From the 90s.

With its participation in the activities in these community centres, Primavera Sound moves closer to the local cultural fabric with the objective of contributing to the revitalisation of the social life in these neighbourhoods while extending its own parameters to previously unexplored corners of the city.


Thursday 5th May - Espai Musical La Bàscula (Foc, 128)
20:00 - Ominira
20:45 - Cheetah Brava
21:30 - Los Hermanos Cubero

Thursday 12th May - Espai Jove Les Basses (Teide, 20)
20:00 - Kids From The 90s
20:45 - Maamut
21:30 - The Suicide of Western Culture

Thursday 19th May - Centre Cívic del Parc – Sandaru (Buenaventura Muñoz, 21)
20:00 - STA
20:45 - Errático
21:30 - Lost Fills

Thursday 26th May - Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas / Casal de Joves de Les Corts (Dolors Masferrer i Bosch, 33-35)
20:00 - Barbantes
20:45 - Aloha Bennets
21:30 - Tremenda Trementina