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Due to the limited capacity of some of the festival’s venues, there will be a system of reservation tickets in order to make access to certain concerts of the programme easier.

In order to attend the concert by the New York band Interpol in the sala Apolo on Thursday 28th May at 5 pm, it will be necessary to get a reservation ticket beforehand that you can get free from Friday 22nd May at 4pm on the Primavera Sound Portal, two tickets per person until they run out. At the access to the venue, together with the reservation ticket, it will be necessary to show the full festival bracelet or corresponding ticket if you have not yet exchanged it.

In the case of the Auditori Rockdelux, it will only be necessary to buy reservation tickets for the Panda Bear concert on Thursday 28th and the José González concert on Friday 29th. These tickets are required to access the venue and guarantee an unnumbered seat. You will be able to get the tickets on the day of each concert at the ticket offices outside the Parc del Fòrum from 3pm, at the price of 2€ per ticket and two tickets per person for each concert.

To access all of the exclusive concerts of the Heineken Hidden Stage, it will be necessary to have the corresponding reservation tickets, which will be available on the same day as the concert in question from 4pm at the information desk on the site, two tickets per person per concert until full capacity is reached.