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Medidas de seguridad

In order to ensure the security of the audience and to guarantee that everybody has a good time during the festival, this year the following measures have been introduced:


It will be necessary to have your identity card or passport on you at all times, as it is obligatory to show it before or while picking up and exchanging your tickets, or if required by security staff on the Parc del Fòrum site. In the case of non-Spanish audience, copies of official ID papers from your country will be accepted (ID, passport, driver’s license).

Also, it is recommended that you pick up and exchange your ticket on the 27th,, 28th and 29th May to avoid possible queues on the main days of the festival.


For security reasons it will not be permitted to enter the Parc del Fòrum site with motorbike helmets, large suitcases, bags and backpacks. As at previous editions, it will be possible to access the site with smaller backpacks and bags. Only compact umbrellas allowed.

Other objects that will not be permitted on the site are: bottles, cans, sprays and aerosols, laser pointers, professional photo and video equipments, drones and arms of any kind.

ATTENTION: There will be no cloakroom outside the site; as also for security reasons this service has been cancelled.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to leave large objects and any other objects that are not permitted on the site in your accommodation and to lock your helmets to your vehicle.