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Flatstock is a rock poster show presented by the American Poster Institute in conjunction with prestigious music festivals all around the world. It features original graphic art by some of the most popular poster artists working today. These artists represent a broad range of styles, regions and generations. Each different studio is represented by the actual designers, illustrators and printers of the work on display. All the attending artists are accredited members of the American Poster Institute and are vetted by our board of directors. 

The American Poster Institute is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to serving poster artists and promoting the art form. The API was formed in 2002 by a small group of poster artists and supporters, and since then its ranks have swelled to include hundreds of artists and supporters. The first Flatstock show was held in San Francisco in 2002 and it was an unqualified critical and commercial success. In March 2003, Flatstock made its SXSW debut, and later that year was a part of Seattle’s Bumbershoot Art’s Festival. Since 2004 Flatstock has returned annually to both SXSW and Bumbershoot by popular demand. 2006 saw Flatstock expand to Chicago, Germany and Spain. In addition to the larger Flatstock poster shows, smaller regional exhibitions take place at events such as Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and most recently Forecastle Festival and Firefly Fest in Dover, DE.

Austin native Billy Perkins was drawing by age 4, inspired by the comic book art of Buscema, Colan, Kirby, Steranko and more. More major artistic influences came in the form of album cover art, psychedelic poster art and of course, the music itself. Perkins' style is derived equally from these influences, at times combining elements of them all. Perkins’ illustrious 28-year career has produced rock posters for Widespread Panic, Blondie, Cheech & Chong, Alice in Chains, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Foo Fighters and many, many more. His work has been published in several books, including Art of Modern Rock, Swag 2, A Fistful of Rock, Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century, Classic Rock Magazine and others. He has designed album packages for The Arcangels, Cheap Trick and more, including for his metal band Butcherwhite.

Boss Construction is Andy Vastagh. A one man design, print and illustration studio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Andy is also the president of The American Poster Institute and responsible for organizing poster exhibits all over the world.

Studio based in Sabadell (aka Sabbathell) specialised in band merch. They have worked for Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and many others. They also produce their own merch.

Since 1995, Dan MacAdam has been operating under the name Crosshair as mainstay of Chicago's world-renowned community of printmakers and poster artists. In addition to hundreds of poster and album cover art commissions for prominent musical artists such as The Black Keys, Wilco, Willie Nelson, Spoon, Codeine, and Sonic Youth, Crosshair produces Dan’s own screenprinted fine art editions. Music posters and art prints alike draw upon original photography and unique approach to the silkscreen process in order to produce Crosshair's distinctively detailed, immersive prints, which dismiss the graphic legacy of the psychedelic era in favor of a dreamlike realism.

“Hi! My name is Abel Figueras, also known as Sr. Galleta. For a few years I was part of the Monostereo Crew (Hi Gem & eledu! - you rock!), working on screen printing (most of the time) and design. But love crossed my path and I moved from Barcelona to Madrid. I soon decided to continue working on screen printing as Estudio Galleta. It was meant to be, as I have been 13 years putting my passion for music into a record label called Galleta Records, releasing (very) limited and numbered editions with screen printed artworks and handmade printing methods, stencils, rubber stamps, etc. Estudio Galleta to me is screen printing, graphic design, loads of music, cats, a beer or two, and everything I love in this world. The door is open, so please come in. Do the galleto!”.

Joris Diks makes gigposters, art prints and illustrations. He runs the small screenprint and design studio Handprinted from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Handprinted stuff produce and sell screenprinted gig posters, prints and other stuff since 2011. Joris is passionate about designing and printing posters, which are all hand pulled. His gig/tour posters for musicians, as well as his redesigned posters of classic films for the ongoing ‘timeless sunday’ series, are beautifully crafted works of art. We print with ink and love.

Horse is an illustration and design studio founded in Liverpool, and is now based in Oaxaca. Eschewing the broader, Horse hones in on creating imagery for the music that inspired and drives him, screen-printing ties everything together, making the whole package more personal and less mass produced. Horse has designed album cover artwork and screenprints for a huge variety of artists including Elton John, Queens of the Stone Age, Stevie Wonder, The Pixies, Bjork, Mogwai, The XX, Battles, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Chilly Gonzales, And So I Watch You From Afar to name but a few. Horse is the founder of Screenadelica, a travelling gig poster exhibition born in 2010 and is a board member of the American Poster Institute. 

Lil Tuffy is an American artist and designer in the field of modern rock/pop poster art, also known as 'gigposter' art, as well as serigraph and fine art production. Tuffy began his career in San Francisco at the Firehouse with Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan. As a member of the 2000s resurgence of the poster-art scene he has designed posters for a wide variety of musical acts, including Devo, Slayer, Pavement, Queens of the Stone Age, Faith No More, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Morrissey and many others. His work has been exhibited in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Serbia, and the UK. He is a regular contributor to The Fillmore, The Warfield Theatre and the Regency Ballroom's poster series. He serves as board member of the American Poster Institute.

Luke Drozd is a London based artist, writer and illustrator. His gig poster designs are created from laboriously hand-drawn illustrative work, along side more intuitive mark-making and collage.

Screenprinting artist based in Groningen, The Netherlands. The layering of form and texture in her screenprinted work is the foundation for her abstract compositions. Always exploring what the technique has to offer and making a mix between fine art and graphic design.

Mercadorama is a collective of Mexican graphic artists and an official merchandising company that has been promoting the culture of the screen printed gig poster since 2009, all around Latin America.

Monostereo is an art collective/screen printing studio based in Barcelona since 2008. They give full screen printing services and specialize in handprinted limited editions of finest art prints, gig posters, record covers... Artist Eledu teams up with screen printer Gemma Berenguer to create their own gig posters for bands since 2012. They love music, art and screen printing, and love to share their passion with the great international poster artists family.

Münster is a graphic design and illustrations studio based in Barcelona. Existing since 2010 the studio work includes posters, album covers, book covers, etc. Focused in cultural industry graphics (theater, music, books, events…) the studio is at the same time a printing workshop where they produce part of their most personal work: screenprinted gigposters. Due to their love for music, since the very first moments the studio has been related to different musical scenes, producing posters for more than 150 bands including The National, Yo La Tengo, Alkaline Trio, Dead Kennedys, The Sonics, Alt-J, Real State, Swans, Nada Surf, White Lies and a long etc. Their work has been reviewed in design magazines and featured in several gigposters books.

Sabrina Gabrielli, aka Mynameisbri, is an artist from Rome, Italy. Born as an industrial designer, she turned into an illustrator and started her own studio in 2013. She designs posters, album covers, and works as a freelancer for different agencies. All her prints are hand pulled with love and tears.

Rainbow Posters is an artist collective consisting of Falk Schwalbe and Hannes Hirche. We visualize music, mostly in the form of gig posters. Their work is mainly produced in an analog way, without using a computer. They print high quality screen prints. In 2008 they started our collaboration and from that time on we constantly improved our creative skills while we worked on projects in several fields. They not only print posters, but also design cover artworks, do set design, make illustrations, structure editorial layouts and work on their artistic expression. In 2013 they established our own print workshop in Leipzig/Germany.

Sean was born in the UK in 1982. His favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back and he lives in Leeds with his wife, son & dog.

Simon Marchner is a munich based Graphic Designer & Illustrator.

Spiegelsaal (Hall of Mirrors) is a design + illustration + screen print studio based in Hamburg, Germany founded by Torsten Jahnke and Jochen Mönig. They are specialized in gig posters and branding for bands/musicians and festivals.


Zellerluoid is an Austrian screenprinter and illustrator who`s based in Barcelona/Spain. There he runs a small screen print studio called “The Bicycle Press”. His work is heavily influenced by the music he`s listening to every day and the artworks of the thousands of vinyls he owns. Screenprint till death!!


It happened in the 2012 edition of Primavera Sound: Flatstock landed for the first time at the festival and the goal was to fill it up with color, life and more music through countless gig posters from all over the world, and the artists that create them. Seven years later, the partnership between Primavera Sound and Flatstock is still going strong, and that is the reason why this year Primavera Pro presents “Blood, Sweat, Color”, an exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona that will be showing the work of those artists and designers, members of American Poster Institute that participate in Flatstock. 

This exhibition is also part of the activities of the Primavera a la Ciutat / Primavera al Raval program, the entry is free - everyone can enjoy this colorful and ink-filled universe that manages to create an image of the bands we love through the infinite power of art and screen printing. And if you fall in love with one of the posters, don’t worry: you can buy it at the CCCB’s bookstore, Laie.