Please note! It will not be possible to make this purchase if the credit card expires before the date of the last payment.

-First instalment: 65€ on reserving 
-Second instalment: 60€ on the 4th of the month after payment of first instalment 
-Third instalment: 60€ on the 4th of the month after payment of second instalment  

Full festival ticket in instalments + wristband shipping, cost per shipping: 16 € until 4 units .
The wristband will be delivered in 2019. You will receive an email when the date is near informing about the process and the estimated delivery dates.  
Shipping only to Europe, United States and Canada. Limited to 4 units per shipping.

We remind you that the outstanding amounts will be charged to your account on the specified dates. The sale of tickets in instalments means accepting the terms specified. In the case that it is not possible to charge the amounts stipulated it will be considered as failure to comply with the conditions and YOU WON'T BE REFUNDED FOR PAYMENTS ALREADY DONE.

Important: Change of name and refunds are not accepted excepting in cases specified in tickets' general conditions.

Ticket's General Conditions

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  • Redtkt
    185€ + Fee
  • Portal
    185€ + wristband shipping + fee