Primavera Sound * 28-30 MAY BARCELONA

Where can I buy tickets for the festival?

The tickets are on sale on Primavera Sound Portal, Atrapalo, Ticketmaster, Seetickets UK, Fnac France and Ticketscript. They can also be bought on the Facebook page.

Tickets are also available at La Botiga del Primavera Sound (Ases 1, Barcelona)

What happens if I buy my full festival ticket from an unauthorized ticketing company, on a website or from an individual and it turns out to be counterfeit?

The festival organization does not guarantee the authenticity of any ticket which has not be bought at official points of sale.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

The festival organisation does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets.

Is a full festival ticket necessary to get into the pre-festival concerts? I don’t have a full festival ticket and am only interested in a ticket for one of the pre-festival parties, where can I get a ticket?

You can get into the pre-festival concerts by showing your full Primavera Sound ticket (in which case you get in for free). It is not possible to buy tickets for the opening or closing parties

Can I get into the festival venues with a camera or video camera?

You will not be allowed in with professional cameras (reflex) or with video cameras, except in the cases where you have been authorized by the organization of the festival.

Is parking a problem? Is there a car park in the Fòrum?

There are 4 car parks near the Parc del Fòrum which are open 24 hours:

.Regesa Park and Ride (c/ Taulat, next to the Fòrum site)
.B:SM Plaça Fòrum (Plaça de Ernest Lluch i Martín)
.B:SM Garcia Fària (c/ Garcia Fària, 1)
.B:SM Glòries (Plaça de les Glòries)

Is there a cloakroom on the site?

Yes, it is next to the main entrance and it has an extra cost.

Can I take food and drink into the festival site?

You can take in food but no drink (except bottles of water with no top). No food or drink is allowed into the Auditori and smoking is not permitted there either.

Can I buy cigarettes on the festival site?

Yes there is an area where you can buy cigarettes. Cigarettes will not be sold to people under the age of 18.

In the case of cancellation how is the refund of the ticket organised?  In which cases am I entitled or not entitled to a refund?

Once aquired the ticket cannot be exchanged nor refunded, except in the case of cancellation of the event. The refund, in the case of cancellation, will be made by the organisation within a period of thirty days following the public announcement of the cancellation. If the cancellation occurs more than half way through the show, there will be no refund at all.

Bad weather, natural disasters, airspace closure or any other force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds.

Does the festival have an employment exchange?

You can send your C.V to The mails which you send to this address will not be answered automatically; Primavera Sound will get in touch with you if they need personnel for the festival.

How can I reserve a stand on the festival site?

You can get information about reserving stands by sending an email to In case of being interested we will contact you.

Is there a lost property stand?

The information stand is also used as a lost property stand. At the end of each day, all the objects which have been handed in are taken to the production offices and the next day they are taken back to the information stand where they can be reclaimed.

When the festival is over all the lost property is taken to the Primavera Sound offices. If you have lost something and you have not reclaimed it during the festival you can get in touch with us at

Can children or under 18 people come to the festival? Is there a special area and price for them?

Children of 14 years of age and under can enter the festival free of charge as long as they are accompainied by their parents or legal guardians.

 Children of 15 years of age can enter the festival by buying a ticket and must also be accompained by their parents or legal guardians.

 People of 16 and 17 can enter the festival by buying a ticket but do not need to be accompained by an adult.

 In the pre-festival shows that are carried out in concert venues, the minimum age is 18.

 The parent or legal guardian will have to sign a document informing that it is responsable of the minor and its actions while in the site.

 The parents, guardians or accompanying adult will have to have a valid ticket for the festival and will have to present the following papers at the entrance of the site:

 - If the accompanying adult during the festival is the father / mother/ legal guardian: both the minor and the accompanying adult will have to present their ID card / Family book / Pasport or legal document that accredits their family / guardian relationship or their responsability for the minor.

 - If the accompanying adult is not the father / mother/ legal guardian: authorisation from the father / mother / or legal guardian properly filled in and accompanied by a photocopy of the ID card / Family book / Passport.

 At all times both the accompanying adult and the minor will have to carry their ID / Passport in case is required by the personnel of the Organization as proof of identity. Foreign nationals will have to provide the corresponding and equivalent documentation from their country of origin.

 The Organization informs that the legislation in force expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors, for this reason every minor will be identified by a bracelet differing from the rest of the public, with which they will not be able to buy alcohol. The minor will have to wear this bracelet visibly at all times, as well as carrying their ID card.

 Falling to comply with the previous requirements will result in the expulsion from the site and will not give any right to refund the price paid for the entrance of the minor.

Where is the medical team of the festival?

On the festival site you will find the Red Cross posts where first aid care will be available. You can also talk to any member of the Primavera Sound staff and they will get a Red Cross team to you.

How can I get information about the timetable of the concerts?

You can get the concert timetables on the festival website they are also in the hand programme which you will be given on the venue. If there are any changes they will be announced on the website, social media and mobile app.

What is the best way to get updated information about possible changes in the programme?

We recommend that you visit the festival website often and that you subscribe to the Primavera Sound mailing to get updated information.

Where do I throw away my rubbish on the festival site? Is there any recycling system?

There will be several rubbish collection points. The cleaning staff will take care of the separation of the rubbish and its recycling.

Where are the toilets on the festival site?

There are areas of public toilets distributed all over the festival site (also for disabled people).  These are clearly indicated on the map of the festival site, which is inside the hand programme.

What are the things which I need to bring with me in order to enjoy the festival 100%?

Comfortable footwear, a hat, baseball cap or something similar to protect yourself from the sun, a jacket or jumper for the nights, ear plugs (if you need them) and a raincoat in case of rain. 

Is there an area for merchandising on the festival site?

Yes, it is next to the main entrance. There you can buy merchandising of the festival as well as that of bands playing at the festival.

If I have a serious problem is there a security post where I can get help?

If you have any serious problem you can talk to anyone from the festival organisation, they will do everything within their power to help you. You will also be able to find security staff all around the festival site.

Can I leave the festival site and get back in?

Yes, if you leave before 3am you must validate your card to be able to get back into the festival on the same day. After this time you will not be allowed back in.

Can I bring animals to the festival site?

No animals are allowed on the site, apart from guide dogs.

Will there be a map of the festival site or a hand programme?

You will be able to get a hand programme and a map of the site at different stands of the Parc del Fòrum during the festival. Also before the festival starts a PDF format of the Primavera Sound hand programme is posted on internet in the location section.

Is there any special area on the premises accessible for people with reduced mobility o any specific need? Can their companions access there?

The stages have a special area reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Only one companion per person can access to these areas.

Are there any complaint forms available to the customers?

There are complaint forms available at the festival information points located at the main entrances and inside the venue. There is also the option to complete one of the following forms from l'Agència Catalana del Consum (Catalan Consumer Agency)

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