Primavera Sound 2016 * 1-5 JUN BARCELONA



Full festival ticket Primavera Sound 2016 Barcelona:

- 125€: From the 10th June at midday (CEST) until 12th June at 11:59 pm (CEST) available on the Primavera Sound Portal and Ticketmaster
There will also be a limited number on sale at this price in La Botiga del Primavera Sound (C/ Ases, 1 Barcelona) that can be bought physically until they sell out

- 145€: From 19th June until the 4th November 2015
In La Botiga del Primavera Sound (Ases 1, Barcelona) the full festival ticket will still cost 145 € until Saturday 7th November and will go up to 160 € from Monday 9th.

- 160€: From the 5th November 2015 until the 7th January 2016.
In La Botiga del Primavera Sound in Barcelona (Ases, 1) its price will be 160€ until Saturday 9th January and will go up to 175€ from Monday 11th.

- 185€: From 4th February until 4th May 2016

- 175€: From the 8th January 2016 until 3rd February

- 195€: From 5th May 2016 until the start of the festival

* Booking fee is not included in the price of the tickets except in La Botiga del Primavera Sound

Ticket's General Conditions




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